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Importance of Blogging

Photo recognition: Mike Licht,

  1. Can be extremely satisfying. There is a little piece of who you are potentially enriching people’s lives.
  2. Depending on what you are blogging about, it can act as an extension of your resume.
  3. Can help others learn about your area of expertise.
  4. Enhance a brand that exists within your blog’s industry.
  5. Improve your reputation, whether for personal or professional reasons.
  6. Brings you closer to people you already know, whether it’s friends, family or co-workers because it helps them learn more about you.
  7. Can develop important relationships that will help you learn more about your area of interest.

Dear reader, what are other important reasons you blog?

Social Media Examiner Facebook Fan Page Analysis

Social Media Examiner is a blog that provides online information to help businesses to best use social media.

The Social Media Examiner Facebook Fan Page does the following very well:

  • Customize landing page with a welcome page that engages viewers by playing their ‘welcome message’ video
  • Landing page promotes a specific call-to-action to click on their ‘Like’ button and sign-up for email updates
  • Offers an incentivea free Twitter marketing tutorial guide – when viewers sign-up for email updates
  • Encourage discussions on their wall to engage their readers by using techniques such as having a “Question of the Day” and listing their blogs posts
  • Interacts / responds to customers comments on their wall in a timely fashion
  • Includes a link to their home page
  • Consistent brand image

Social Media Examiner should display a prominent ‘Follow Us’ on Twitter button to offer an additional level of engagement with their brand.

Dearest reader, what further benefits or recommendations can you identify?

Top 5 Social Media Comics

The context surrounding social media can often be comic. Lol like nobody’s business. Enjoy!


Example of Measuring Sentiment: eHarmony

eharmony fails non-homosexual queers

How do you measure sentiment about a company. Lets use eHarmony, a dating site, as an example. I use HowSociable? to measure sentiment. A wide range of social media sites ‘talk’ about eHarmony. I chose the Twitter Tweets Score comments to evaluate sentiment.

  1. At work and asked the security guard how’s his nite been and he says “its great…Eharmony found me a date”.
  2. Doing this long ass questionaire for my new eHarmony account geesh they ask u 5 million questions.
  3. Love begins Here.
  4. Stop looking for love on twitter Demaria! Please visit
  5. Just watched an eHarmony commercial with one of the “actual singles” no surprise people are striking out on that site.
  6. Congrats to you & your eHarmony hubby & thanks for sharing your success! How long have you been married? Any tips to share?
  7. Eharmony can suck it.
  8. Not having luck with eharmony.
  9. I also met my life partner on eHarmony.
  10. Does anyone else wanna punch the guy in the eHarmonycommercial square in the neck!?

Based on the above statements, 5 out of 10 of them are positive, indicating mixed feelings about. This is only a sample of statements. Determining sentiments that are statistically significant would involve using a cross section of social media networks and significantly more statements for analysis.

Using Backtype, a social analytics platform that help companies understand their social impact indicates that Eharmony has received  2,184 Tweets. A sample of additional free tracking sources include:

Now I turn to you, my dear reader: what additional tracking services exist across the web?

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Social Media Release Sample

I took a TweetFind Press Release and converted it into a Social Media Release for your viewing enjoyment. Gets a Major Facelift

Visitors can quickly find exactly what and whom they are looking for

Ruben Orozco
Founder of

Completely redesigned from the ground up, the new now features a new Web 2.0 feel, with a host of new features such as Twitter Lists Search, Suggested Follow, Klout Score and Foursquare integration and allows visitors to:

  • Perform a keyword search to find experts and  interesting “tweets” from thousands of Twitter Lists and Twitter users and live tweets.
  • Use a new Suggested follow box to find new Twitter content.
  • See the score – a “social influence: benchmark” – on select profiles.
  • Integrate Foursquare into profile results with its new Around Me feature to display recent Foursquare “check-ins” near the user as well as Nearby Live Tweets.
  • Browse the Top 100 Twitter users, the Top Twitter Lists and the Top Twitter Trends.


Ruben Tweetfind

Ruben Orozco, founder of TweetFind. Photo credit: planetc1’s.


“Tweetfind is now an even better place for businesses and experts to be listed and found”. Founder of TweetFind, Ruben Orozco.

“The end result of Orozco’s efforts was a free, easy-to-use website through which people could create a listing, and immediately begin finding and networking with other entrepreneurs and businesses on Twitter.” Noozhawk contributor, Kevin McFadden

TweetFind was created in 2008 to simplify the Twitter experience for businesses and users looking for a way to get noticed on Twitter.


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Top Social Media Blogs 2010

Para mis queridísimos amigos

On January 15, 2010 Social Media Examiner announced the finalists for the Top 10 Social Media Blogs 2010 contest. They set out to pick the winners based on initial qualification, blog ranking, reader involvement, frequency of posts and quality of posts.

Of course, there could have been an entirely different list of criteria. This is where I enter a dream state – lets called it Fantasy Laura – where I select the winner based on the criteria I set out in my previous blog called Top 15 Blogging Best Practices. Fantasy Laura is a beautiful place where I have a personal chef, bunnies have wings and the powers that be in the social media world turn a blind eye and let me have my 12 seconds of fame.

Drum roll please… based on the top 10 blogs that the judges on Social Media Examiner have deemed worthy and on Fantasy Laura’s criteria, the winner of Top social Media Blog 2010 is Mashable. Okay, granted that was a bit anti climatic, but true nonetheless. Runners up include Chris Brogan, Copyblogger and Convince & Convert. They are my heros, a tip of my hat to you all.

The vast majority of nominees were using most of the best practices listed in my previous blog post, so for the most part, it came down to a matter of degree. The winner and those nominated posted more frequently, used shorter copy (if the copy was long-ish, but used bullets, bold font, italics, etc. that was sufficient since readability is what’s key here), more effective use of visuals, and the degree of ‘catchiness’ in the header (more of an art than a science, really). Those were the main points of differentiation.

Fantasy Laura now turns to you, dear reader, what social media blog do you vote as being the best and why?

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How You Can Get Featured on Freshly Pressed

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I was having trouble sleeping one night so I decided to blog. Blogging that night was akin to taking a sleeping pill and a vodka chaser. I was out.

I woke up next morning and noticed that two people had read my post. I looked back about half an hour later and about 1,700 people read my post.

I thought, oh no, something is wrong with WordPress’s stats function. Just as I was about to shoot off an email to WordPress staff to try to fix the situation, it dawned on me that if the stats were true it was highly likely that I received a lot of comments. Perhaps I had a horseshoe strategically placed somewhere in my body.

I saw a sea of comments and felt so very grateful that people had taken the time to read my post and felt inspired to leave a comment.

I didn’t realize why so many people read my post until I read a comment that congratulated me on being featured on Freshly Pressed, the homepage of By the end of the following day over 10,000 people had read my blog. I couldn’t comprehend such numbers: my post had been translated in Spanish and Arabic and some people had integrated my post into their class curriculum.

I feel such a warm affinity towards my readers and look forward to reading their blogs, responding to their comments and learning from their experiences.

I wanted to know why my post was chosen to help my readers get posted on Freshly Pressed. My hunt lead me to an article called Five Ways to Get Featured on Freshly Pressed. I hope this helps.

My dear reader, what else do you think should be included when considering what articles get featured on Freshly Pressed?

Good luck to you all!



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