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What Relationship do You Have with Your Blog?


You’ve put your melon to work and have just finished writing a blog post. How do you feel? Maybe you feel a sense of accomplishment / pride or warm and fuzzing inside.

My relationship with some of my nearest and dearest blog articles are as follows:

Top 15 Best Blogging Practices: I feel appreciated as a blogger with this post. It was featured on WordPress’s Freshly Pressed and generated more than 10,000 reads. I was surprised when I discovered it have been translated into Spanish, French and Arabic and was being taught in high schools.

Get Sexy with Social Media: This video post that I created got me all worked up and left me feeling like a major geek. After two friends boast about how social media savvy they are, the conversation blooms into some sexy dialogue that only social media could make possible.

How You Can Get Featured on Freshly Pressed: I felt a sort of warmth and care for my readers, since I wanted them to get their moment in the spotlight on Freshly Pressed. I also felt connected to my readers and valued them more and more with every post since.

Top 10 Social Media Swag: I felt like whipping out the plastic and shopping a storm. I ended up buying a social mug, mouse pad, Netflix and subscriptions, customized Jones Soda bottle and some Twitter shoes. I’m lovin’ them all!

Lets Get You Laughing: I felt uber happy when I wrote this post. I got to watch and read some really funny videos, comics, spoof news and more relating to social media and then share that slice of joy with my readers.

Here, grab the talking stick! What is your relationship with your blog posts?

Lets Get You Laughing

Having a Laugh

Do you want some good, hardy, deep-from-the-gutt kind of laughter? These 10 posts about the funny side of social media and marketing was created for that exact purpose. Enjoy!

1. Another Twitter Parody, Meet Flutter. This is a YouTube video (under four minutes) and is a social media parody directed, point blank, at Twitter.

2. Meanwhile, at Santa’s Social Media Command Center: this is a comic about the role social media plays when deciding who’s naughty or nice and responding to gift requests.

3. Apple’s Genius Bar Expands to Include Food and Drink: this is a spoof news article.

4. South Park Mac vs PC: This is a YouTube video (under two minutes) that’s a parody of Mac vs. PC commercials.

5. Twitter Movie Trailer: This is a YouTube parody trailer (under three minutes) – perhaps you can squeeze it in before lunch.

6. 5 Very Badly Placed Adverts, such as ads for McDonalds next to a child obesity advert…

7.  15 Funny Photoshop Mistakes: See a range of ads that have some serious PhotoShop mistakes.

8. Get Sexy with Social Media: this one I created and published to YouTube. Basically, these two characters show off their knowledge of Twitter lingo, then suddenly some very heavy flirting – social media style – takes place. :0)

9. Social Media Marketing for (Real) Dummies – Elaine Fogel lists three real life examples of social media marketing done badly, very badly.

8. Social Media Dating: a comic strip about how men can use social media to pick up woman.

9. – Chapter One – The Idea. This is a spoof news article.

10. Awards for Social Media Addicts. Actual awards that you can download and give to favourite social media junkie.

Do you have any funny links about social media? I’d love to hear from you!

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Did Etsy Kill Ebay?

Courtesy of my original guest blogger: The Review Chimp

In certain circles I mingle in, having an Etsy boutique (or two or three) is as common as having a Facebook or LinkedIn page. And in many ways, the Etsy community shares a more common thread amongst its users than many of its competitors. Why? Because the Etsy culture is one of buyers and sellers who share an affinity for arts and crafts. When you deal directly with artists and artisans, you are sure to experience something more intimate than your average impersonal purchase of wares on the internet or at least that’s what one expects while perusing the pages of Etsy filled with eye-fetching images of handmade goods, from one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories, to cutting edge home décor and objects d’art, to home-baked goods, to delicate handmade papers, to fine art photography—each lovingly presented by its creator.

And while eBay, for many years, appeared to be the most perfect union of buyers and sellers in an online marketplace, since the advent of Etsy, more and more creative online venues are cropping up everyday, which not only amuse the masses, but more importantly, provide a source of revenue for artists and crafts-persons who might otherwise have no such audience or benefactors., for example, is an online t-shirt design company which hosts an ongoing open-call for tee shirt design submissions, which, if selected by the Threadless community, will be produced and sold by Threadless, and the t-shirt designer receives $2,500 in cash and gift certificates for their design. is another popular marketplace that’s sweeping the internet by connecting small businesses seeking quick and cutting edge design work with thousands of graphic designers worldwide who compete for the prize money of a given project by presenting their design ideas for the small business’ review and ultimate selection. According to their website, as of today there are 90, 573 designers on, 6,615,291 designs have been submitted, and $16,569,515 has been awarded in prize money.

With the unstable nature of economies worldwide, one can only expect that these excellent online marketplaces will continue to provide easy and efficient places of commerce, while also keeping its users connected in their respective communities around the globe.

Dear reader, what are some additional creative online marketplaces?

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Wisdom About Social Media From a 107 Year Old Woman

Courtesy of my insightful guest blogger Ben:

A friend recently sent me this very funny video of a pair of elderly gentlemen who get rather confused about technology. Not long after this I spoke to an elderly (107) lady on the telephone who was complaining how slow her 30mbs (very fast) cable internet connection was and she wanted it faster. I then proceeded to have a very interesting conversation with this lovely lady about the modern world and her experience. I also told her about this video, which she thought was hilarious. Lets call this lady Beryl to protect the innocent.

This discussion with Beryl started with how she was using her internet. She explained that as she didn’t get out much anymore because of her failing health (at 107 she’s had a pretty good innings as the saying goes) she used it to stay in touch with the world and explore the world as she could no longer do it on her own two feet. She was on Facebook, Twitted with her grandchildren, and used Google Earth a lot. I told her I was very impressed that she knew what all of these things were let alone the depth of her involvement in the internet and the modern fandangled social media world.

She advised me that if you didn’t keep up with the modern world and the changes in it then you would whither and die, she wasn’t ready to do that yet. I then asked her what she thought of the changes in the way people communicate in this new world. I asked her if she was worried that everyone was communicating via text which didn’t convey all of the subtle parts of communication like tone of voice and body language. I told her I have had problems with communicating with people due to this fact, where the meaning behind words and sentences are not clear.  She agreed with me but then said, “Humans will always be humans. You will find people that will misunderstand you no matter what you say and how you say it. Most people believe good in other people and take things the right way”.

I also asked her what she thought of people communicating in such short bursts (sms messages being up to 160 characters, twitter tweets being 140) how can you have a real conversation with someone where you build on the connection and relationship you have with them? Beryl had a very interesting insight on this, she said that because she is on the internet a lot of the day she sees the trends in the communication that people are having on the internet. She said the discussions people are having are not necessarily big ones or important ones, but the focus of the quick chats is often organising a longer get together at a later time.

By this time she had watched the video and had stopped laughing and I asked her what she thought of it and how it portrayed the changes in language and the meaning of words. This leads to a much longer discussion about the changes over history of the meaning of different words, but that is a post for another day.

What did you think of the video? What do you think about the way people communicate through social media and the way it has changed?

Do You Have A Social Media Hangover?


Courtesy of my talented guest blogger Jenn Burton:

“The hangover stage is necessary and healthy if social media is to achieve realistic potential for change,” writes Paul Gillin, a contributor for Business 2 Community Insider. This quote struck me as rather profound, given that most media is singing the praises of social networking on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Deep down, I knew he was right, though. I’ve seen it again and again. Business executives begin their endeavors with that sparkle in their eye — laughing, smiling, and talking a mile a minute about everything they’d like to accomplish. Yet, a few months later, they’re feeling uncertain about the value of social media. Is it converting? Why aren’t people interacting? Are their brand messages even being read at all? Is social media worth the time, money and effort?

If you have a social media hangover, don’t worry: you’re not alone. Going forward, keep in mind the following 3 tips for curing your queasiness toward social media…

  1. As you know from nights of excessive drinking, time and patience are the best cures for hangovers. You won’t have a huge presence overnight. You can’t be everything to everyone. But you can put forth your best effort, using trained and talented professionals, for six months to see what happens. Just as it’s better to drink in the company of trusted friends, it’s better to do your social media networking with trusted professionals who eat, sleep and breathe this stuff.
  1. Treat the symptoms. Just like Advil, Tums or vitamins might make you feel a little better the next day, so will daily updates, hiring a professional writer, and enlisting the help of a web design expert. These little cures will attack some of the basic problems you may have – a boring webpage, updates that don’t inspire dialogue, or a lack of incentives bringing repeat visitors to your media efforts.
  1. Treat the cause by planning ahead. After ten drinks, Irish Carbombs sound like a great idea. (They’re not.) So the best way to ensure you don’t get a hangover is to begin the night with a game plan in mind. Get it ingrained in your mind that you won’t go over X amount of drinks and you won’t mix different types of alcohol. In other words, look at the bigger picture. The same rings true for social media. If you’re not aligning your offline marketing strategies with your online strategies in a meaningful way, your willy-nilly approach won’t be impressing anyone. 

Top 10 Quotes from my Readers About Social Media

Pleas for social media assistance

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and adding value to my posts. Congratulations on making the Top 10 lists of quotes relating to social media.

  1. Blogging about upcoming events and follow-up blog posts help me gain visitors
  2. Zemanta is really cool – they suggest links, tags, and pictures. typhoidterri
  3. Research like minded communities and keywords in both the blog world and on Twitter. Kathy Knorr
  4. Successful blogging is about contributory content. Give people what they need …something with a twist.
  5. Grammar is a huge deal. Moral of the story: Read your own posts.
  6. Fresh content is probably the biggest drew for me. A lot of blogs I read are for recreation and entertainment.
  7. Blogging is all about your passion to share something wonderful, inspiring, funny, controversial, intriguing or educational.
  8. Transparency is not only good social media etiquette but in some instance it’s the law. Toby Bloomberg
  9. ‘Trolls” refers to angry or nonsensical forum posters. Michael Collins –
  10. People can see what I do and feel inspired. Taking knowledge from others is how we move through life as people. Jet Brew

Now I turn to you my dear reader, what tips / insights do you have relating to
social media?

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Top 10 Social Media Swag

Want to buy a gift for your social media loving super dork? What about for you? Bring on the swag! Enjoy my video!

10. Social mug 9. Tie 8. Wall decal 7. Shades 6. Mousepad 5. Netflix subscription 4. Customized Jones Soda labels 3.  subscription 2. Twitter shoes 1. Laptop knapsack.

My dear reader, what other ‘social media swag’ can you think of?

Are you Memorable?

What is your social media personality? Regardless of whether you’re new to the social media scene and writing a personal blog (like me!) or you’re a social media guru tasked with the noble responsibility of creating a social media campaign – you have one!

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…

In the About section of my blog, you get a snapshot of who I am, I assert what is unique about me and my blog and what you can expect. My social media personality is an extension of that and acts as a lubricant in effectively communicating what I’ve set forth to do with you – my dearest reader – in mind.

You inspire me to be relevant, 3-dimentional, funny, creative, unique, conversational and comfortable enough to let my inner dork flourish.

If my social media personality married a company called Blendtec, we would give birth to this social media campaign: A girl can dream, right?

Your turn. What’s your social media personality?

Social Media and Transparency 101 – Part 2

Trust is the Key to Web 2.0

What do other people in the blogosphere have to say about the importance of transparency when engaging in social media marketing? Lets pick Toby Bloomberg’s brain on his posting called Where Does ‘Transparency Fit in The New Social Media Marketing Model? at Toby asserts that transparency is important for “communicating and forming relationships in the world of the social web”.

If you are not involved in this process, the probability of your social media strategies failing, ceteris paribus, increases significantly. As a collective, consumers engaging in social media have proven to have enough reach to out companies that are deceiving them.

When is there appropriate limits to transparency? A company needs to reveal themselves as marketers before engaging their consumers on social media platforms. Beyond that, a policy should be in place for company employees on what should be kept confidential, such as employee files.


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