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Want to Date Me?

Watch @singleguy try to convince you to go on a date with him. One problem, he’s a social media manager and hasn’t been out in awhile. Enjoy!!

What do you think about this movie? Do you know anyone who’s remotely like this guy? What other funny social media videos have you found?

Btw, if there is an actual @singleguy on Twitter and this does not sound like you, my sincerest apologies.

Lets Get You Laughing

Having a Laugh

Do you want some good, hardy, deep-from-the-gutt kind of laughter? These 10 posts about the funny side of social media and marketing was created for that exact purpose. Enjoy!

1. Another Twitter Parody, Meet Flutter. This is a YouTube video (under four minutes) and is a social media parody directed, point blank, at Twitter.

2. Meanwhile, at Santa’s Social Media Command Center: this is a comic about the role social media plays when deciding who’s naughty or nice and responding to gift requests.

3. Apple’s Genius Bar Expands to Include Food and Drink: this is a spoof news article.

4. South Park Mac vs PC: This is a YouTube video (under two minutes) that’s a parody of Mac vs. PC commercials.

5. Twitter Movie Trailer: This is a YouTube parody trailer (under three minutes) – perhaps you can squeeze it in before lunch.

6. 5 Very Badly Placed Adverts, such as ads for McDonalds next to a child obesity advert…

7.  15 Funny Photoshop Mistakes: See a range of ads that have some serious PhotoShop mistakes.

8. Get Sexy with Social Media: this one I created and published to YouTube. Basically, these two characters show off their knowledge of Twitter lingo, then suddenly some very heavy flirting – social media style – takes place. :0)

9. Social Media Marketing for (Real) Dummies – Elaine Fogel lists three real life examples of social media marketing done badly, very badly.

8. Social Media Dating: a comic strip about how men can use social media to pick up woman.

9. – Chapter One – The Idea. This is a spoof news article.

10. Awards for Social Media Addicts. Actual awards that you can download and give to favourite social media junkie.

Do you have any funny links about social media? I’d love to hear from you!

Photo by: jimbowen0306

Top 10 Social Media Swag

Want to buy a gift for your social media loving super dork? What about for you? Bring on the swag! Enjoy my video!

10. Social mug 9. Tie 8. Wall decal 7. Shades 6. Mousepad 5. Netflix subscription 4. Customized Jones Soda labels 3.  subscription 2. Twitter shoes 1. Laptop knapsack.

My dear reader, what other ‘social media swag’ can you think of?

Get Sexy with Social Media

Do you know what it would sound like if a couple of social media geeks started to sweet talk each other? It would sound like this video, which also pays homage to the gaggle of social media lingo that exists out there in cyberspace.

Enjoy, my dear reader.

Are you a Social Media Douche bag?

This video was created by a second party and I dedicate it to the countless men and women who have earned the right to be called a social media douche bag. Enjoy!

Social Media Douche Bag Recipe

– 3 cups of calling yourself a social media guru
– 1 Tbsp of registering with dozens of social media sites, but never actually use them.
–  Pinch of guaranteeing results for your clients, but have no prior experience orchestrating a successful social media campaign.
– 1 dollop of using auto follows tools to obtain 80,000 visitor and flaunting this as evidence of your social media prowess.

Bake for 20 minutes on high and voila, a social media expert is served up to bright eyed managers eager to jump on the social media bandwagon and sink their teeth into a slice of pride that they are officially involved in the social media revolution and say look at me world.

I pass the torch to you my dear reader. What other signs make your social media expert a douche bag?


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