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10 Awesome July Tweets From People I Follow

Close your eyes and imagine a world where you can instantly view the most informative / inspiring tweets from a Twitter account in your field of interest—social media—on a monthly basis. Okay, now open your eyes and imagine no more…!!!

Thank you to the tweeps I follow for gracing me with some of the best tweets on this thing we call Twitter. You’re my greatest source of information about social media and you mean way more to me than the vast majority of my Facebook friends! Here are your most awesome tweets:

1.Getting to 10 million users: Google+, Facebook, Twitter [graph] @GuyKawasaki You only need to take a 2-second look at this graph to understand how quickly Google Plus is moving up the ranks.

2. Uncover Best Online Practices For Segments of Small Business Sector Read more: @loritaylor. Who doesn’t love the word ‘best’ combined with ‘practices’. Best practices = drool. Small businesses and non-profits can participate in a survey that highlights how other businesses in their sector have made online marketing work.

3. Can Google+ Beat Twitter and Facebook as a Tool For Journalists?: @SocialMedia411.

4. How to Not Annoy Your Twitter Followers via @pushingsocial. Stan writes about how BufferApp is an effective tool for spacing out your tweets throughout the day.

5. What are social media mega-trends @markwschaefer. I have watched the full 46 minutes of this video. Due diligence baby. Thought leaders—Jay Baer, Glen Gilmore, Jennifer Kane and Mark Schaefer—speak about significant social media trends.

6.  Refynr + @BufferApp = Flawless social media productivity. @refynr. Refynr is a tool that filters out the noise in your twittersteam to quickly access tweets that matter to you the most. This service compliments what BufferApp offers.

7. Maximize Social Media Traffic to Your Blog @garrett_moon. There are some great takeaways here for avid bloggers.

8. Why the Intern Shouldn’t Run Your Social Media Campaign: Your intern has more Twitter followers than you do. Tha… @BrennerMichael. Job boards are flooded with requests for unpaid internships in social media, but are you asking / expecting too much and what effect can this have on your brand. This article doesn’t discount the value of social media interns, but makes a case for why the intern should not have the sole responsibility / burden of executing a social media campaign.

9. Popularity and Reciprocity are the Enemies of Connectivity (why Twitter may have jumped the shark) @JayBaer. The link leads to a video, starring Jay Baer. What you get is a unique look at why Google Plus will be successful.

10. The next five social media trends and their impact on marketing New post on influence, filtering, content generation, + @edwardboches. In the process of identifying trends, this article points at some websites to explore—tools to prepare you for the next step forward in the evolution of social media marketing.

Thank you for introducing me to hundreds of different valuable blog posts / articles.

What are some kick $@% tweets from those you follow? I love hearing from my readers! I’m hoping and wishing…

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Want to Date Me?

Watch @singleguy try to convince you to go on a date with him. One problem, he’s a social media manager and hasn’t been out in awhile. Enjoy!!

What do you think about this movie? Do you know anyone who’s remotely like this guy? What other funny social media videos have you found?

Btw, if there is an actual @singleguy on Twitter and this does not sound like you, my sincerest apologies.

What Relationship do You Have with Your Blog?


You’ve put your melon to work and have just finished writing a blog post. How do you feel? Maybe you feel a sense of accomplishment / pride or warm and fuzzing inside.

My relationship with some of my nearest and dearest blog articles are as follows:

Top 15 Best Blogging Practices: I feel appreciated as a blogger with this post. It was featured on WordPress’s Freshly Pressed and generated more than 10,000 reads. I was surprised when I discovered it have been translated into Spanish, French and Arabic and was being taught in high schools.

Get Sexy with Social Media: This video post that I created got me all worked up and left me feeling like a major geek. After two friends boast about how social media savvy they are, the conversation blooms into some sexy dialogue that only social media could make possible.

How You Can Get Featured on Freshly Pressed: I felt a sort of warmth and care for my readers, since I wanted them to get their moment in the spotlight on Freshly Pressed. I also felt connected to my readers and valued them more and more with every post since.

Top 10 Social Media Swag: I felt like whipping out the plastic and shopping a storm. I ended up buying a social mug, mouse pad, Netflix and subscriptions, customized Jones Soda bottle and some Twitter shoes. I’m lovin’ them all!

Lets Get You Laughing: I felt uber happy when I wrote this post. I got to watch and read some really funny videos, comics, spoof news and more relating to social media and then share that slice of joy with my readers.

Here, grab the talking stick! What is your relationship with your blog posts?

Top 10 Things You Can Buy For $5

Image representing Fiverr as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Have you heard of a website called Fiverr? It provides a meeting place for people to buy and sell their products and services (mostly services) for – your guessed it – five bucks. You can select categories from social marketing and business to fun and bizarre. A little caveat, not all services are entirely ethical, there are however some real jems.

Allow me to entertain you with an overview of some of the more colourful, perhaps less than savoury gigs. Need to breakup with your girlfriend / boyfriend? You can have someone else do it for you for $5. Want to meet someone in prison? $5. Want to find out if your new mate is a major sleeze, porno addict or felon? at your service.

Time to sift through the rift raft and get you spending the best five dollars of your life. In that spirit, the top 10 things you can get for $5 from follows, but don’t just take my words for it, each of the gigs are rate based on their past performance. Drum roll please… for five dollars you get:

1. A romantic gift for your loved one. Have someone hold up a sign in Times Square in New York with a message of your choice, such as ‘I love ____’ or ‘____, will you marry me?’.

2. A professional voice over for your commercial, podcast introduction, etc. for a radio vet that has 10 years under his belt.

3. Your CSS browser issue fixed, including writing new CSS.

4. Your own customized cartoon version of you. This seller does a remarkable job of making your cartoon look realistic.

5. A customized computer font created from your handwriting.

6. Four customized logos for your business.

7. A fashion editorial about your personal style.

8. A customized 30-second song about anything you want and get it posted on YouTube.

9. A video of a funny looking puppet that sings a special song for you / greeting such as a song for your loved one for Valentine’s Day.

10. A customized design of the landing page for your Facebook page.

Have you tried any other services on that you recommend? If you have, I would love to hear from you!

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Lets Get You Laughing

Having a Laugh

Do you want some good, hardy, deep-from-the-gutt kind of laughter? These 10 posts about the funny side of social media and marketing was created for that exact purpose. Enjoy!

1. Another Twitter Parody, Meet Flutter. This is a YouTube video (under four minutes) and is a social media parody directed, point blank, at Twitter.

2. Meanwhile, at Santa’s Social Media Command Center: this is a comic about the role social media plays when deciding who’s naughty or nice and responding to gift requests.

3. Apple’s Genius Bar Expands to Include Food and Drink: this is a spoof news article.

4. South Park Mac vs PC: This is a YouTube video (under two minutes) that’s a parody of Mac vs. PC commercials.

5. Twitter Movie Trailer: This is a YouTube parody trailer (under three minutes) – perhaps you can squeeze it in before lunch.

6. 5 Very Badly Placed Adverts, such as ads for McDonalds next to a child obesity advert…

7.  15 Funny Photoshop Mistakes: See a range of ads that have some serious PhotoShop mistakes.

8. Get Sexy with Social Media: this one I created and published to YouTube. Basically, these two characters show off their knowledge of Twitter lingo, then suddenly some very heavy flirting – social media style – takes place. :0)

9. Social Media Marketing for (Real) Dummies – Elaine Fogel lists three real life examples of social media marketing done badly, very badly.

8. Social Media Dating: a comic strip about how men can use social media to pick up woman.

9. – Chapter One – The Idea. This is a spoof news article.

10. Awards for Social Media Addicts. Actual awards that you can download and give to favourite social media junkie.

Do you have any funny links about social media? I’d love to hear from you!

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Even the Pope Digs Social Media

The Pope

Courtesy of my talented guest blogger Jenn Burton

The 45th World Communications Day on June 5, 2011 has got Pope Benedict XVI thinking. Hey, Al Qaeda has an extensive video network, the Church of Satan has their own Facebook page, and tweets come from users like “Godless Atheist” and “I Am Godless”… so why shouldn’t Christians get into this newfangled social network thing?

The Pope is concerned that you might become a little too obsessed with the virtual world and live a “parallel existence.” He understands there will be temptation to be inauthentic and to “give in to the illusion of constructing an artificial public profile” for yourself. He’s also worried that there are risks involved in not really knowing your “neighbor in this new world.” You might spend a lot of your time online, but fail to create deep and meaningful relationships all the same.

Yet, social media is too big a world to ignore. Pope Benedict realizes that “there exists a Christian way of being present in the digital world.” He urges Christians to be “honest and open, responsible and respectful of others.” It’s not an obligation for Christians to post “expressly religious content” on different media platforms, but rather, to “witness consistently” by the word choice, judgments and tones used with others. Christians must be careful not to dilute the message of Christ by seeking popularity, attention and acceptance.

If you’ve ever held off getting a Facebook or Twitter account because you weren’t sure what The Pope thought of it or you weren’t sure if it would be very “Christian-like” of you to have a profile, then hold off no more! “I invite young people above all to make good use of their presence in the digital world,” Pope Benedict says, giving his apostolic blessing. Network away!

What do you think about the Pope’s view concerning social media?

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Top 6 Unusual Ways of Interacting With Your Phone

Android Developer Phone 1 and iPhone 3G

I remember back in the day when phones were only meant for calling, texting and taking photos. Times are a changin. Now there are new ways to physically interact with your phone. Sure you can use your phone as a bar code scanner, flashlight and compass, but I’m talking more hands on here.

1. Shake your phone. There are many apps that involve shaking your phone. Urban Spoon is an app that lets you choose a restaurant to visit in your area by shaking your phone. This triggers a wheel that spins to your suggested restaurant. The Shake Them All! Live Wallpaper inspires users to interact with Androids. The Androids respond to gravity, light, sounds and yes, touching and shaking your phone. Why? Because it can.

2. Put your finger on your camera. There are even more reasons to get up close and personal with your phone. Instant Heart Rate is a heart rate monitor. After 10 seconds of touching your camera, your current heart rate is displayed.

3. Gently caress your phone. The Talking Tom Cat purrs when you pet it. As an aside, the cat also repeats what you say in a funny voice and you can poke and punch him.

4. Wave your phone back and forth. Lightsword Lite allows you to simulate using a light saber via relevant sounds, colours and vibration.

5. Bump phones together. Bump lets you share contacts, apps and photos by bumping two phone together.

6. Make your phone vibrate courtesy of Good Vibrations. Enough said.

What stands out for me is how advanced phones can be and the calibre and possibilities of what phones and apps can do in the future.

Now, I turn to you dear reader. What are some unusual ways people can interact with their phone?


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