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Top 10 Things You Can Buy For $5

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Have you heard of a website called Fiverr? It provides a meeting place for people to buy and sell their products and services (mostly services) for – your guessed it – five bucks. You can select categories from social marketing and business to fun and bizarre. A little caveat, not all services are entirely ethical, there are however some real jems.

Allow me to entertain you with an overview of some of the more colourful, perhaps less than savoury gigs. Need to breakup with your girlfriend / boyfriend? You can have someone else do it for you for $5. Want to meet someone in prison? $5. Want to find out if your new mate is a major sleeze, porno addict or felon? at your service.

Time to sift through the rift raft and get you spending the best five dollars of your life. In that spirit, the top 10 things you can get for $5 from follows, but don’t just take my words for it, each of the gigs are rate based on their past performance. Drum roll please… for five dollars you get:

1. A romantic gift for your loved one. Have someone hold up a sign in Times Square in New York with a message of your choice, such as ‘I love ____’ or ‘____, will you marry me?’.

2. A professional voice over for your commercial, podcast introduction, etc. for a radio vet that has 10 years under his belt.

3. Your CSS browser issue fixed, including writing new CSS.

4. Your own customized cartoon version of you. This seller does a remarkable job of making your cartoon look realistic.

5. A customized computer font created from your handwriting.

6. Four customized logos for your business.

7. A fashion editorial about your personal style.

8. A customized 30-second song about anything you want and get it posted on YouTube.

9. A video of a funny looking puppet that sings a special song for you / greeting such as a song for your loved one for Valentine’s Day.

10. A customized design of the landing page for your Facebook page.

Have you tried any other services on that you recommend? If you have, I would love to hear from you!

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